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We take this great opportunity to introduce ourselves as a professionally managed and faster growing Pest Control and Pest Management Company in the country, started by a team of experienced, dynamic and successful Entrepreneurs.

We are a recognized and reputed company, together with our dynamic team of well trained, committed and experienced personnel to provide world class services to meet the standards required by the Pest control industry.

We specialize in everything that concerns Pest and Pest control. We take up preventive actions aiming at different type of premises protection against invasion of Pests and monitoring their presence. We also take emergency actions in case of existing invasion of Pest. We act legally and in accordance with Pest control regulations effective in India.

At Clear Zone Pest Control we believe in “Prevention is better than Cure”, hence we educate, alert and guide our customers in particular ad public in general, about various types of Pest related health hazards and outbreak of diseases with their precautionary, preventive and remedial measures through our unique Awareness programs.

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Our Mission


We are a company with diverse talents & skills. Our leadership structure offers a dynamic atmosphere in which talented, creative & motivated people thrive.
We have an experienced team of ambitious, vibrant, young professionals having ability to update with latest techniques & requirements of our client. Our team’s passion is to take challenges and to deliver to clients expectations.

We will be the most highly recommended pest management professionals in the nation.
The Company recognises that the implementation of this international standard will create a very effective method of ensuring that customer needs and requirements are satisfied whilst adhering to any applicable statutory regulations.
It is the policy of the company to market only professional services of a quality that will merit and earn client satisfaction by performing all functions reliably and effectively.
This means –
• We find the solutions that best suit our client.

• We only use approved, registered pesticides and pest control equipment.

• We meet and exceed our client’s expectations in terms of both delivery of service and quality of products.

• Every project is thoroughly supervised.

• We are open and honest about deadlines and costs.

• Clearzone pest Control Services Ltd staff and technicians are trained to give a polite, efficient and friendly service.

• We promote continuous improvement to refine and improve communication, control procedures and training to further improve our level of competence and quality assurance.

we are Providing following services
• Pest Control Service.
• Termite pest Control service.
• Ant termite treatment.
• Honeybee removal service.
• Cockroach control service.
• Industrial Pest Control Services.
• Snakes control service.
• Spider control service.
• Pipelined Pest Control Services.
• Rodent control service.
• Pre Construction Pest Control Services.
• Wood Borer treatment.
• Fogining pest control.
• Herbal Pest Control Services.
• Odorless Pest Control Services.
• Housefly control service.
• Ant Control service.
• Mosquito Control service.
• Post construction treatment.
• Pre construction treatment.
• Anti-termite treatment.
• Vector control service.
• lizard control service.
• Deemal Control service.
• Udhai treatment.
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• Malaria control program.
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Our Philosophy

Being a locally owned and operated company, our success is not based solely on eliminating pests but by the way we provide that service. We want to provide you with the information you need to make a good choice and want our help. We will never pressure you with slick talk or scare you into more than you may really need. Simply, we want to give you a reason to buy from us, but never be sold. We are also stewards of the environment: no matter how badly you want to be rid of your problem, our approach must use environmentally sound practices to ensure your safety.

  • Provide quality service with integrity and safety
  • Respect your home and concerns as our own
  • Arrive on time and return your calls promptly
  • Spend the necessary time to properly treat your home
  • Keep your safety as paramount when we apply all pesticides per the label
  • Provide service as needed with no lengthy contract unless you desire one
  • Allow you to change or cancel your service at any time without penalty
  • Recommend which areas of your property should be treated (interior, exterior or both) to best meet your needs

Company Overview

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Good Quality


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